The Cost of Recycling Iridium Catalysts and Its Value in Precious Metals Trading

How much does it cost to recycle iridium catalysts? Before discussing the price of recycling iridium catalysts, it’s essential to understand what an iridium catalyst is and where its recycling value lies.
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An iridium catalyst, simply put, is a tool that leverages the properties of the metal iridium to accelerate chemical reactions. These catalysts usually appear as black powder or granules, with their most significant characteristics being high stability, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance. Their recycling value primarily comes from the iridium content within them.

Where do waste iridium catalysts typically appear? They are commonly found in chemical plants, petroleum refineries, or automotive exhaust treatment facilities. These sites use a large amount of iridium catalysts in their production and processing operations, leading to the accumulation of waste iridium catalysts over time.

The price of recycling iridium catalysts is determined by several factors: the recycling price of iridium, the iridium content in the catalyst, and the cost of recycling the catalyst itself. The higher the iridium content, the lower the recycling cost. Thus, the recycling price of iridium can be easily calculated, especially in the context of precious metals trading.